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Asbestos Removal.

GP Asbestos & Maintenance can provide both licensed and non licensed asbestos removal. Our experience team is fully up to date on all the legal obligations of building operators and owners. All individuals need to adhere to the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 and our company can ensure that you are meeting these obligations, so that you can protect any employees, visitors or tenants you may have in your personal, and business premises.

The team at GP Asbestos & Maintenance have been working in the industry in asbestos removal for many years and our experienced team provide safe, high quality removal services that encompass industry best practises. With strict health and safety guidelines in place in our business we ensure both the safety of our clients and our staff.

We will work with you to help you ensure your premises are safe from the hazards of asbestos so that you can continue to run you business effectively and safely.
Asbestos Encapsulation and protection works.

Our company has the experience and training to deliver the highest standard of asbestos encapsulation work. This includes the sealing and making safe of raw asbestos.

Our vast experience will enable us to provide the most effective and appropriate solution whether this is a mechanical barrier, which we can put in place around the asbestos so that it does not receive any damage, or by a specialist coating that we can apply to the affected area that will encapsulate the material, both of these procedures will stop any further release of fibres.
Asbestos Surveys and Sampling.

GP Asbestos& Maintenance has a vast amount of experience in the two types of asbestos surveys recognized, always ensuring that they are carried out strictly in accordance with industry guidelines and H.M.Health & Safety Executive �Survey Guide� (HSG 264).

If you are unsure as to the type of survey you require, we will work with you to help you understand your responsibilities and to ensure you meet with any legal obligations you may have.
A brief description of the two types of survey required to meet with current legislation is below;

Management survey;
This is the more common of the two surveys; it will inform you whether or not you have asbestos in your premises. Small samples are taken throughout the premises; from suspect area�s and sent of for analyzing at an accredited laboratory. The outcome of the testing will inform you of the type of asbestos present. We will then formulate this information into a report and register. We will also advise you on the management of the asbestos and any further steps you may need to take; we will also help with removal or encapsulation if required.

Demolition / Refurbishment Survey;
This is a more in depth and intrusive survey and it is essential that this type of survey is carried out prior to any major refurbishment work or demolition takes place.
We will explore under floors, enclosed spaces, sealed ducts and voids also other areas that are not normally or easily accessible. All samples taken will again be sent to an accredited laboratory for testing, once the results are received a full report on our findings is provided to you regarding the outcome of the samples along with relevant advice on the way forward.

Note; It is a statutory requirement that this type of survey is carried out before any refurbishment or demolition work is started to your premises.

Visual inspection;
There is a third type of survey, although outside the scope of �The Survey Guide� (HSG 264), and is used for providing advise to the client. It is a simple visual survey and will give you an indication of whether there is asbestos present in your premises. We do not take any samples of material but rely on the experience of our surveyors to make assumptions, on which our advise is based. This is often carried out �Free of Charge�.

Our expertise and wealth of knowledge of asbestos surveys will enable you to understand whether you need to proceed with any asbestos removal or remedial works, if this is the case then we also have qualified staff to provide a high quality encapsulation and removal service.

GP Asbestos& Maintenance can also provide localized temporary surveys, often more cost effective than a full building surveys, can often be more appropriate for your needs. Our experience will help you to understand and assist you in selecting the right type of survey for your requirements.

Asbestos Management

Once asbestos has been identified via survey, it will need to be safely managed to prevent ongoing damage or accidental contamination by unknowing tradesmen or engineers who may inadvertently disturb the asbestos whilst undertaking their own works.

At GP Asbestos & Maintenance we will provide a management and or monitoring service to prevent such events by providing you with an Asbestos Register and overseeing it.

Remember that you can call upon us at any time for free advice and a site visit.

Soft Strip and Demolition

In addition to asbestos removal works GP Asbestos& Maintenance will undertake the soft strip of buildings where asbestos is present with other building materials such as suspended ceilings, floorings, and partitions, also that to boiler houses and roof structures.

We will also remove asbestos contaminated rubble and debris from building sites. GP Asbestos& Maintenance can arrange for the removal of asbestos containing electrical and gas appliances and other technical equipment, after first employing qualified engineers to carry out the safe disconnection works.

Any of the above can be carried out prior to asbestos removal works or as part of the removal project in the event of wide spread contamination.

Reinstatement and Refurbishment

Once we have removed the asbestos and carried out any soft strip works, GP Asbestos& Maintenance will carry out total reinstatement works to your individual requirements.

We have in house surveyors with many years experience in refurbishment. We have access to all trades from carpenters and plasters through to electrical and heating engineers, all carrying out work to the highest specification and standards.

This will in turn provide you with a reliable one stop service, one point of contact for all of your needs.

Whatever your Asbestos needs, Domestic or Commercial we have the answer. Select a link to move to a section.

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"I needed an extensive ceiling removing urgently as a big renovation job had to be halted due to asbestos content in textured coating. GP Asbestos & Maintenance responded immediately performing a site visit and quotation within 4 hours and completed the removal the next day."

Paul Duckett, Northampton

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